Indians News · Fullerton High School Athletics and COVID-19

 FJUHSD Guidelines for Athletic Activity and Physical Training

November 5th, 2020

Dear FJUHSD Staff Members, Students, and Parents/Guardians,

Effective November 5th, 2020, the Fullerton Joint Union High School District (District) will begin reopening indoor facilities for performing arts and athletics with more modifications.

The District will continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines from the California Department of Education, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), CDE Arts Education Guidance 2020/21, and the Orange County Health Care Agency. All athletics and activities can take place a maximum of five days a week (Saturdays are permissible). Please refer to the District Website for guidelines, which will continue to be followed. As a reminder, participation in activities and athletics is voluntary.

Requirements and Guidelines for Participation in Athletics and Activities:

  • All coaching and activities staff members will attend a site based meeting that will specifically cover all rules and expectations that are put in place at this time.
  • A detailed plan will be developed by each activity/sport ensuring that guidelines are being followed and will be approved by each school’s Athletic Director and Administration.
  • Athletic Clearances: all athletes must be cleared in order to participate.  Physical forms will be available on each school’s website.  Students can submit forms through the following link:
  • All students participating in an activity or sport must turn in a District reopening and liability waiver form signed by a parent/guardian to their coach, director, teacher, or advisor before participating. (English, Spanish, Korean)
  • Locker Rooms will be opened for changing only. NO lockers will be issued.  Locker rooms will be capped at a maximum of 20 athletes (less if physical distancing cannot be maintained)
  • Participants will maintain social distancing of 6 feet to minimize contact. This is expected before, during, and after practice. 
  • Sharing of personal items (water bottles, towels, etc.) will not be allowed. Athletic equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each use by activities staff, coaches, and students. 
  • Cloth face coverings are to be worn by staff before, during, and after practice. Those students who are participating in indoor activities must wear a cloth face covering.
  • Parents and family are to remain in their car during pickup and drop off.
  • Individuals exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted to participate.
  • Workouts may be postponed or canceled in the event a participant/participants tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Notifications will be sent to all families and students via Aeries Communications.


  • Any student-athletes/coaches that are on campus should be completing the Qualtrics survey either through the QR code or visitor link found on the fjuhsd website. Students should show their certification to the coaches.

Cleaning Procedures the District Will Implement at All Facilities:

  • Stringent cleaning schedules will be created and implemented for all athletic and activities facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases.
  • Prior to an individual or groups of individuals entering a facility, hard surfaces within that facility will be wiped down and sanitized (chairs, furniture in meeting rooms, weight room equipment, restrooms, athletic training room tables, etc.).
  • Individuals should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and warm water before touching any surfaces or participating in workouts.
  • Hand sanitizer will be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place.
  • Weight equipment will be wiped down and sanitized thoroughly before and after an individual’s use of equipment.
  • Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times in the weight room to minimize sweat from transmitting onto equipment/surfaces.
  • Students will be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning to home.

Guidelines Regarding Occupancy


 Up to 30 students


   Up to 25 students

Dance Rooms 

    Up to 20 students

Weight Rooms

   Up to 25 students

Athletic Fields

Up to 50 students

Fitness Rooms

  Up to 25 students

Band Room

  • Up to 20 students
  • Follow CDE Arts Education Guidance 20/21

  • Up to 20 students
  • Follow CDE Arts Education Guidance 20/21
Cohort (Pod)

A cohort (pod) is a subgroup of a larger group and cannot exceed 10 total participants.  Cohorts must remain stable until further notice; this reduces exposure and allows for contact tracing should the need arise.  Once cohorts are established at the beginning of practice, they cannot be changed.

Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms will be opened for changing only. No lockers will be issued.  

  • Locker rooms will be capped at a maximum of 20 athletes (less if physical distancing cannot be maintained)
  • Proper sanitation will take place upon the exit of individuals.


NO spectators (including parents, children, students and media) will be permitted within any athletic facility until further notice.



  • Equipment will be limited to usage within a specific cohort (pod).  Proper cleaning of equipment will be utilized in between uses by different groups.
  • All individual and team equipment will be disinfected frequently, including before, during and after practices.  Students will remain in their cohort and share equipment in a controlled environment where balls, bats, sleds, bars, etc., will only be shared within that cohort.  Different cohorts (pods) will share different “sets” of equipment and in all instances, the equipment will be cleaned and disinfected following use and prior to use by any other cohort (pods) of students.  Individual (personal) sports equipment (i.e. baseball/softball bats and gloves, golf clubs, etc) WILL NOT be shared.


Sport by Sport Guidelines

In general, outdoor activity will be less restrictive than indoor activity.  In sports that are both considered the same risk (i.e. basketball and soccer are both considered medium risk), the outdoor sport will be able to conduct more “normal” practice activities as opposed to that which takes place indoors.

  • Cross Country – Runners must maintain at least 6 ft. of distancing between individuals, no grouping. (i.e. pack running, starts and finishes)
  • Track and Field – Runners must maintain 6 ft. of distancing between individuals, no grouping.  (i.e starts and finishes).
  • Swimming – Coaches will stagger swim patterns.  Athletes on the pool deck will remain 6 ft. apart.
  • Golf – Maintain appropriate physical distaning of 6ft. apart.  Athletes will NOT share equipment.
  • Tennis – Assign the athletes to their court for the practice session. Pods of 4 athletes are allowed per court.  Athletes should remain on the same court during the entire practice. Tennis balls may be shared between the athletes on each court. Service practice can be done with the tennis balls designated for each court. Drills using multiple tennis balls should not be touched by the athletes. Use a tube or ball mower to move tennis balls from ground to the ball hopper. 
  • Volleyball – Use of the volleyballs is permitted.  All volleyballs need to be accounted for within pods.  Passing drills are permitted as long as athletes are in the same pods throughout practice. Spiking is allowed without a blocker. Hitting drills are permitted as long as the athlete is using the same ball throughout the entire practice. Service/ Service receive drills are permitted as long as athletes are in pods and are using the same balls throughout the drill
  • Soccer – Use of soccer balls is permitted. Partners should be the same for passing drills. Athletes are allowed to shoot on the goal. Goalie will wear gloves. In pods, offensive and defensive drills are allowed, but without contact.  Headers and throw-ins are not allowed.  Sanitize soccer balls after practice. 
  • Baseball / Softball – Use of baseballs/softballs is permitted.  Pods should be the same for throwing drills.  Batting practice will be done in batting cages and into hitting nets only.  All defensive drills will be done in pods using the same balls.  Pitchers can throw bullpen using the same baseball and catcher.
  • Football – Use of footballs is permitted.  Gloves are optional. Footballs will be sanitized between use.  Use of step bags, ropes, ladders, and cones is permitted, all of this equipment must be sanitized.  Sleds are permitted. In pods,  7 v 7 activities can be conducted as long as no close contact or face to face contact takes place (i.e. zone coverage as opposed to man coverage)  Athletes will avoid contact with each other (no high fives or helping a teammate off the ground hand to hand).  Face to face lineman activity is NOT permitted at this time.  
  • Wrestling – Conditioning, training, and individual or team based skill development allowed while maintaining physical distancing of 6 ft. between individuals. Wrestling room may be used. Motion, conditioning, shooting drills, sprawls and strength training should be the emphasis. Each wrestler should stay in their own practice circle.  Contact with other wrestlers is not allowed.  Sanitize mats at the conclusion of practice.    
  • Cheerleading – Mats are permitted.  They must be cleaned and sanitized before and after practice. Conditioning, training, and individual or team based skill development allowed while maintaining physical distancing of 6 ft. between individuals.  No stunting.
  • Basketball – Use of  basketballs is permitted. Offense and defense is allowed. Run full group offensive plays with no defense, work on defense with no offense.  Breaks for hand sanitizing and ball washing throughout the practice. Coaches will sanitize basketballs after practice. Conditioning, training, and individual or team based skill development allowed while maintaining physical distancing of 6 ft. between individuals. Offense and Defense is allowed. Specific group offense with no defense, defense with no offense. Create specific pods to run shell drills on both sides of the ball. 
  • Water Polo- Conditioning, training, and individual or team based skill development allowed while maintaining physical distancing of 6 ft. between individuals.  Offensive pods and defensive pods can take place as long as physical distancing guidelines are followed.  Zone defense with spacing for the purpose of field blocking is OK; however, traditional close contact man to man defense is NOT permitted at this time. Sanitize all balls after practice.